lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Live Solid by Sun Trust

How do you engage your customer base?. How do you maintain their interest in your company?. How do you share and improve your value proposition?. In the business world we use to balanced all our efforts to get the right answers to these strategy questions.

Sun Trust an  Atlanta USA bank  with 1.623 branches, that offer a full rank of financial services portfolio, has found the right way to do it, chosen social network as a tool for engaging their customers and helping them to improve the quality of their  life.

Their strategy called "Live Solid" constitutes the centre of his customer value proposition above been a bank. He has built  a an own network which promote between their customers with the main idea that "concentrating your efforts in what is really important in your life, you can be freer" . He suggests three main areas to work in to get that freedom : Financial in order, Priority straight and Life in focus.

On their proprietary network, they share advices on how to reach this three above target to the different aspect of our daily life: My well being, My money, My relationship, My retirement, My futures plans, My children. In each of this cateories you will find, tips and videos of how save money doing things in a new manner.

Knowing their customers preferences an as a tool for quick engagement they opened company profiles in several Social Networks. Facebook is the centre of their approach with 32.000 fans, while Twitter and YouTube work as support networks to the full strategy. Here the company is in touch on a daily basis with their customers, through what it calls The Daily Dose, giving advices on how to track their finance, their health, how to be prepare for retirement, etc... Below, you can see some examples

Living Solid – The Daily Dose: Looking to consolidate debt? Pay off the smallest debts first. Paying multiple, smaller debts can boost your credit rating, since you’ll get points for paying off the debt.

Retire Solid is coming soon! We’ll have a special tab dedicated to retirement-specific articles and questions. Stay tuned!

They also encourage their members to focus on daily small saving "Dollar Wise" where you can set up small saving targets, and chose what actions are you going to deploy to get it. (i.e. shop with a calculator, inflate your tires, etc). 

With that app on Facebook you can outlook you daily, monthly and year saving, you want to reach if you fulfil  the actions you have committed to.

This very creative approach has a very powerful value proposition on their own, that transform a pure financial institution into a partner helping their customers to manage their finance and taking the felling that you have a company that you can count with.

Live solid,  is a great example of how to integrate social Media within the company strategy as an additional channel and at the same time  following our customer communications preferences, what allow us to build that invisible link with our customers that everyone of us would love to have.

Remember to set up strategy goals and SMART targets before going social

Best regards

Jesús Labrado Fernández

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