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Departmental Solutions - Marketing & Sales

Probably all of us have attended several lectures about social networks, and we heard that  in these media selling its not possible although what really happen it’s the opposite.
If we know how to use their segmentation, reach, capillarity and influence capabilities, social networks can become a major source of new leads for our sales organization.
Social media can help in two ways to any commercial organization. First, attracting new customers "hunting" identifying those market segments that we are related, networks where our prospects are present.  Second in the development and maintenance of our customer base "farming" where a preferential relationship and close that achieves what the Saxons called it "customer intimacy" and that is the key to a long business relationship journey.
This close relationship with our customers allows us to increase the number of sales from several points of view:
  • Reducing the selling cycle time duration
  • Increasing the number of orders and therefore the speed of purchase
  • Increasing the average value per orders
  • Sale of new services “Upselling”

The cycle begins with the selection of sites and creating brand communities where we bring together the enough volume of fans or followers according to our strategic objective. Next step address the setup of these relationships that allow us to generate leads for the sales peoples, and their subsequent conversion into revenue for our company.

Content is one of the keys to success and sponsorships with large volume of related multimedia content, are a very powerful tool for the generation of these brand communities.
Sponsorship of Rafa Nadal and the emotional message of the "Spirit Award", have placed Banesto leader in Facebook and Twitter, his sector. This community allows strengthening their campaigns to their youth collective attracting new accounts and loyalty of existing customers. Provides services debits, payroll, credit cards.

Santander in turn leverages its Ferrari formula1 sponsorship with Fernando Alonso as a pilot figure with a big wealth of videos and photographs attracting new customers in their campaigns "We want to be your bank" and "Connect your business." For SMB.

BBVA and Barclays used the sponsorship of the football league to get a powerful brand awareness associated with the largest mass event in both countries.

Finally remember that above all, we must clearly define our SMART goals, setting quantitative targets, defining the strategy and the tactical actions we will implement, and at the end measure up  the effectiveness of the campaign.

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Jesús Labrado Fernández

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