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Departmental Solutions: Customer Service

We will take the financial sector as a example of this post, for benn massive in number of clients and issues.
Applying a social media strategy customer service area is an opportunity to reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction levels and why not, with a great influence on the generation of new sources of income in our customer base.

Although there are several networks where we can deploy, twitter is in this case the platform used by most financial institutions due to the immediacy of interaction, engagement capabilities and proximity to customers.

If we want to ensure the success we need two elements: first qualified staff in customer service, with training in the management of social media, and second technology to conduct an adequate monitoring of what is said about our brand.

Among the many advantages provided by the use of social platforms in the customer service we can include:

  • Feedback and continuous contact with customers and prospects
  • Update on products services and process improvements
  • Online responsiveness in real time
  • Reduce down time in relation to other forms such as e-mail or phone
  • Reduced phone call costs
  • Customers more satisfied due to shorter waiting times

In this field highlight the pioneering in Spain that made the former Banca Civica with @Cancha24 (Note 24 * 7), Caixa Catalunya @CxClients, Caja del Mediterráneo @CAM and Banco Sabadell @BancoSabadell (Note 24 * 7).

In the English-speaking world customer service on twitter is widespread  using adhoc in many cases the acronym 'ask to identify the customer service.

  1. Amex with 52.615 followers @ askamex "We're hear to help. Not tweeting "
  2. CitiBank with @ askciti 8.753 followers,
  3. LloydsTSB @ AskLloydsTSB 8.580followers

As a best practice I recommend you to take a look at ASB Bank New Zealand commercial bank that has developed a virtual branch on Facebook where she attends business hours and with the same services of a branch. His slogan "Just like a normal branch, only right here on facebook". Generates the experience of being a client ASB before be.https://www.facebook.com/ASBBank/app_124244740961176

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