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Q3 2012 Ranking social Media Banking in Spain

Spanish Rescue, Spanish not rescue, the premium yield rate goes up and Ibex 35 goes down, premium yield rate goes down, Ibex 35 goes up. These are the daily sector headlines invariably have us guessing about the future of our financial sector as a whole and therefore ours as citizens and as a country. But what happens in social networks. Is it affecting the perception that its members has for that sector? At first it seems that in the last quarter interest in our financial sector is facing a slowdown in growth in the number of followers that I detail below.

The Q3 2012 growth in the number of fans and followers of the 17 profiles that follow from SocialMedia Tailored has arisen a 13% on Facebook and 3.5% in twitter, what gives us total figures 458,047 fans on Facebook and 86,171 followers on twitter.

The last quarter has added 51.397 new fans on Facebook and 2.909 followers on Twitter. Figures lower than 18% and 13% we got in the second quarter perhaps impacted by the seasonal component of summer.

Cumulative growth since the beginning of the year is 60% with 171.822 new fans and 38% with 23.549 new twitter followers mark.


As in the June report, ING, Banesto and Triodos Bank remain in the top three positions in the ranking. However ING who is experiencing a growth of 28% compared to Q2 representing 189% since the beginning of 2012, with a total of 146,803 fans.

His last action "String Savers" conducted during the months of August and September has achieved membership of 8.301 likes to the initiative (5.5% of fans), if we apply the contest rules, a figure that gives us an idea of the relevant communication skills that ING has achieved with his followers.

 Among the states with the greatest growth this quarter highlight Banco Sabadell, La Caixa and Caixa Catalunya with 29%, 21% and 19% respectively.

I like the way that Banco Sabadell is consolidating their social profiles presence in a real time customer service channel, resolving doubts, answering queries and resolving incidents. While this relationship allows them to capture new revenue streams offering products you can hire online through their operators.


Banesto consolidates its downward trend @ espirituganador profile, with a fall of 10.8% since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile Sabadell continues to grow quarter after quarter, followed closely by Banco Santander with growth of 23% in the last quarter and a 15.6% ING

As I mentioned earlier in this post, hopefully soon clears the unknown rescue our economy and we can begin an era of growth and economic stimulation to get us out of this impasse of cuts, while necessary, are creating expectations about the evolution of our economy not favorable for the desired recovery.

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Jesús Labrado Fernández

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