sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011


If you have had the chance to received a Social Media action plan proposal from your marketing agency, probably you have been told, that it is inexcusable to have presence on Facebook, as the key interaction network, twitter as real time communication tool for their immediacy capabilities and even YouTube due to multimedia contents are most viral and preferred by the customer.

But what about the whole decision makers community, the popular "C level", CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO, etc., profiles from forty aged, university level and not much likely to be exposured on the net. Most of the times they are forgotten by our agency or maybe it sound very reactive to include them on the plan due to the difficulty to be engaged with.

However, that group of people who build the "little brother", are the ones who design most of the enterprise strategies and have on their hands the keys of the commercial transactions for our country and even the world.

For that reasons, we need to start the integration of that network in our presence and communications strategy from both points of view, individual and corporative. Once we do that, we will begin to realise the power of that social net has for brand exposure, market capillarity and business opportunities.

For me, and maybe due to my B2B professional background, we must consider it as "the queen of the social sites".

I attached for you a very good self explanatory infographic from mindflash.com, that shows with great clarity the steps we have to take to get full advantage from that site.

!Ah¡, don´t forget to set up first your SMART goals before start the process

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