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JP Morgan Chase Community Giving, with 3.370.150 fans on his Facebook page  and more than 18 million dollars shared between 800 projects in the USA, represent the benchmark  using social media networks within financial sector, on what we can call Charity Marketing.
From 2009 Chase has capitalized the use of social media on his strategy. Nowadays, it´s the number one financial institution on facebook ranked by number of fans with a high reputation coming from their supporting activity to the non-profit sector.

JP Morgan Chase distributes from $2M to $3M annually between the more voted charity initiatives by the fans pages during the voting period.

Community Giving it´s more than a common Facebook program, we could say it is a full free charity promotion platform for non-profit organisations.
  • Chase provides an space where the charity can shows to the world, his project, his goals and the benefits for the community.
  • Chase also provides a set of marketing and public relations tools, "Charity Toolkit" that allow them to develop an effective action plan to address their candidature. Its include:
    •  Helping to create charity key messages.
    •  Press note draft
    •  How to attend local radio and TV interview
    • How to engage journalist and radio speakers
    • How to organise a press event
    • How to maximise your online presence and social media
    •  Etc,
  • The prizes are distribute as follows:
    •  250.000$ for the most voted
    • 100.000$ from second to fith placed
    • 25.000$ for the 95 left
  • Each charity has also a donate button, allowing fans to make donations to the current projects available on the community.

Additionally Chase had organized in 2011 the American Giving Awards,, which main aim is to award the community heroes.
The prize is worth two million, to be shared between the five most voted charities into the categories of: Educators & Mentors; Champions of Health & Wellness; Heroes & Leaders; Community Builders, and Youth Developers.

The prizes are distributed $1M for the “Big idea”, $500.000 for the second most voted, $250.000 for the third and $125.000 for the fourth and fifth most voted initiative. The American Giving Awards ceremony called more than one thousand people, counting with the presence of the president of the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Kymberly Davis.
Lasting Chase runs an specific action for the support of war veterans, "Helping Veterans” with two programs:
  •   100.000 jobs submission: Job searching program veterans
  •    Help our nation´s veterans: Donation program to address veteran needs. For each 10$ donated by the public, Chase donate another 10$ to the cause.

In summary JP Morgan Chase, is taking advantage of the viral power of social media to boost their Charity Marketing programs, showing their customers their commitment with the society, reaching the leadership on his sector, improving his reputation and getting the recognition of the full North American society

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