lunes, 4 de junio de 2012


Go GlobalGood, a newborn charity marketing initiative, with the main aim of promoting and addressing social solidarity between businesses and citizens acting as a meeting place where:

  • Enterprises through their financial contributions help fund NGOs and non-profit   micro projects, while reinforcing its social and corporate social responsibility activities.
  •  NGOs can meet its micro-projects. 
  • Individuals by voting disinterested "like" contribute to the distribution of these funds on a regular basis and proportionaly to the support received. 
The operating mechanism is very simple and easy to understand.

In the diagram below shows the value chain and the benefits for companies and for non-profit entities is this wonderful initiative.

As an example of the type of projects presented: The NUMEN Foundation, an organization who help children with cerebral palsy with motoric difficulties and postural control, need some adapters that allow them to use the toilet. The budget for the adaptation of bathrooms is 985 euros. I encourage you to like this initiative.

From Social Media Tailored wish every success to Mary Cafarenna and his team in this new proposal just starting. 

For further information, you can access their website at

Best Regards

Jesús Labrado Fernández

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