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Having overcome the initial skepticism about the effectiveness of Social Media, as happened to the Internet, today constitute a vital means of relationship with our clients present and future. Even consolidate as an additional sales channel. Dell in 2009 already exceeded three million dollars of revenue through its outlet on twitter @ DellOutlet

Even if we continue to think that social media is a fad, here are some reasons to change your mind and start your journey.

The most important is that our customers are already there talking about our brand. We must be present with an authentic and honest dialogue capitalizing that chance on the natural preferred environment by our customers. According to the study of UM Network "The socialisation of brands", it shows a migration in the preferences of Internet users from corporate websites to social profiles. In Spain over 50% of internet users are fans of a brand community.

Another reason no less transcendent lies in the benefits arising from the use of Social Media as a relationships building tool and new business demand genration. According to the study of Michael A. Stelzner "2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report," among a community of 3,300 marketing professionals the following results show:

• Ssignificantly improvement of brand awareness   88%
• Traffic Increase to our website                                   72%
• Significantly improvement of  SEO                            62%
• Help to generate new business relationships       56%
• It is a clear source of qualified lead generation.    51%
• Reduce total spending on marketing                       49%
• Help to close deals                                                     43%

If we add to this, the exponential growth in the number of users, it is clear that we must be present there. The  key question is what strategy we have to develop to achieve effective and consistent results according with  our business objectives?

We will review in depth  how an organization can capitalize the use of social media into their marketing and communications strategies.

There are several areas where we can implement a strategy of social media within an organization type that we will go into more in future articles:

• Marketing and Sales
• Customer Care
• PR and CSR
• Human Resources
• Internal communication

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Jesús Labrado Fernández

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