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The fundraising treated as the set of actions aimed at fundraising. public and private means for financing the activities necessary to achieve the fundamental objectives is a major concern of any NGO.

A good fundraising strategy needs a communications plan and coordinated public relations for access to our stakeholders, businesses, government agencies, foundations and target audience likely to spread our goals and support them with their contributions. 

In this context, the emergence of social media has revolutionized this process by creating a communication link with these groups, allowing one hand to communicate in real time the evolution and achievements of the various ongoing projects, while capturing the feedback of our supporters. On the other constituting an element of cohesion of the members of the NGO, reinforcing the sense of belonging and the degree of commitment to individual causes.

To have an overview of the approaches we have revised some of the major NGOs in our country, both internationally with greater temporal development as Greenpeace, Amnesty International or UNHCR, and other, local as Manos Unidas,  Anesvad or Intervida . 

As trends stand out:

  • Widespread presence on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Profusion of multimedia content with their own channels on YouTube.
  • Virtually no presence in Linkedin.
  • Anecdotal presence on Flickr and without much coordination.


In the B2C site par excellence is the NGO Médicos sin Fronteras who significantly leads the ranking with its "alien pain pills" highly successful on the online and offline environment, present in all our pharmacies. Allow you to share your commitment in your wall with several diseases and invite your friends to spread the initiative. The process is complete with videos of Javier Bardem and Luis Tobar requesting the purchase of the pills in pharmacies.


This ranking is led by Greenpeace Spain Twitter with 331,000 followers turning to its immediate follower Doctors Without Borders. With a strong twitter daily activity is used as a protest in the various demonstrations or performances taking place at all times, accessions and signatures asking for support of projects like "Save Valdevaqueros", "Suspension of arms trade treaty", etc..

The entities with religious ascendancy as Caritas, Foundation Vicente Ferrer or Manos Unidas, has a forming component, with advices, recommendations and calls for collaboration in solidarity with their fundraising activities.


Understandably, it is GreenPeace who leads the ranking in a very remarkable way for the profusion of nature-related activities carried out, giving them a great opportunity to use multimedia content. A great distance with 675,000 views intermon Oxfam followed by Amnesty International with many pages about the human rights situation in the world, MSF with his "My Life with HIV", reports on living with the AIDS virus or the Vicente Ferrer with interviews and reports on the activities of the Foundation in India.

To summarize this study remarks:
  • The significance of the selection of sites according to our target market, being clearly marked in this case by a B2C orientation.
  • Large NGOs have opted for a higher profile sites with B2C, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, flickr.
  • Have little interest in profiles B2B, LinkedIn, Slideshare or Quora, where private decision makers as directors of CSR, Communication and foundations, are active in the social networks.
  • Particularly striking is the poor penetration of Pinterest in the sector, despite the high viral demonstrated and high penetration among the female audience has very prone to the support of major charity projects.
  • Also in the NGO field, as is happening in most sectors under discussion, noting the strong commitment to networking and social media as part of customer engagement.
  • Finally the share growth for the year 2011, as you can see in the attached table

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Jesús Labrado Fernández

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